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Chocolate whey protein (21g) is excellent-tasting, high in protein, and very clean.


The French know that the trick to keeping weight down is to enjoy all the senses while we prepare and eat food, to sit to eat, to share meals with those we love, and to savor the experience over several hours, if possible. Can you picture yourself seated at a rustic table in the French countryside with nothing to do but enjoy a leisurely meal, engaging conversation, and contagious laughter with friends?


But, back to reality and the work deadlines, the family members who need your time, the appointments to keep, or just the opposite. Our reality may be eating alone, having too much time on your hands, having that insatiable "sweet" tooth, or you just don't feel up to par. When you absolutely need to have a "quick" and "nutritious" snack or meal replacement, our delicious Protein Shakes, with the best protein coming from New Zealand Whey of Pasture Fed Cows, do the trick. Simply, open the canister, carve out a scoopful of protein powder (30.8g) and mix it, (in a shaker or blender for best results), with 6-8 oz. of water, skim milk, almond milk, coconut milk or cashew nut milk for one serving. For those who are trying to gain weight, use whole milk. (Sometimes, I make 3 servings at once, and drink that throughout the morning; it takes me into the afternoon and I feel satisfied). The Protein Shakes are great for those who don't want to cook or who live by themselves, for those fighting autoimmune disorders, and for those going through chemo/radiation and simply don't have an appetite. It can be used by all age groups for lots of different reasons. For varying flavors, add a little decaf coffee and you have mocha. Throw in some fresh or frozen strawberries and there's your chocolate covered strawberries. Add some fresh or frozen berries and yet, still another flavor added to the mix. Make it ahead of time, freeze it, grab a spoon, and have a "slushy" when you normally would have that bowl of ice cream at night. It's so good, it doesn't even seem healthy, and you'll sleep better putting protein in your body at night instead of sugar (which can make it difficult to get to sleep and stay asleep).


The best way to get fit and stay fit is to eat protein every 3-4 hours. It takes approximately this amount of time to digest protein. While the digesting process endures, the fires in our body keep burning, providing us with the energy that we need to live in a healthy, happy manner. Dr. Chufo recommends that the average, sedentary man needs 80-100 grams of protein throughout the day and the average, sedentary woman needs 70-90 grams. More grams of protein are required with more activity. Quality protein nourishes every part of the body, including the brain. This protein increases alertness, focusing, attention span, memory and helps us get a better quality sleep at night and not slow down during the mid-afternoon, taking that "cat" nap because we need it. We can now simply take it if we want it. We will wake up feeling refreshed all because we have given our body the consistent protein it needs throughout the day and how easy is it to make a delicious Chocolate Protein Shake with no after-taste of artificial sweeteners. Our Shakes have Stevia added for the sweetener and has only 125 calories, 1g of sugar and 2g of added fiber for one serving. It is Soy Free and Gluten Free.

Chocolate Whey Protein

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