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  • Do I eat normal food?
    Normal, everyday grocery food is used and can be eaten by the whole family withut making separate meals.
  • I have diabetes, a heart condition, respiratory issues, hypoglycemia, sleep apnea, or diverticulitis. Will this interfere with the program?"
    These conditions should improve with our program. We consistently see our clients decrease or no longer need their medications. Almost always, medical conditions improve.
  • What is in the supplements?
    The supplements are custom made at three “5-star” Nutriceutical Labs in the country, which is paramount. They contain herbs, vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients.
  • What happens once I join?
    You will be weighed weekly, photos and measurements taken every 4-8 weeks. Dr. Chufo and her staff like clients to come in once a week to go over the week prior and the following week so as to “fit” the program into their individualized lifestyles. Coming in weekly enhances accountability as well. Individual supplements and dosages will change throughout the program.
  • Do I stay on the supplements for the rest of my life?
    Supplements are used during the weight loss phase and all clients are weaned off of all weight loss supplements following weight loss.
  • Can I drink alcohol on this plan?
    Every plan is designed for you, so if drinking is within your lifestyle, then you will learn the best way to drink alcohol for the rest of your life.
  • I go out for meals all of the time and rarely cook. Can I do this plan?
    Absolutely! We live in a fast-paced world and Dr. Chufo and her staff will help you choose which restaurants, sit down and drive through, have the best options for your taste buds.
  • Will the supplements make me jumpy?
    No. Those were days of old when ephedra was used.
  • Do I have to exercise?
    No. The program is effective with or without exercise.
  • How much does the program cost?
    The price includes the actual program based upon the amount of time required to lose the desired amount of weight with stabilization and maintenance. That amount of time depends on a variety of individual factors. Individual supplements are purchased and utilized on the program to accelerate and ease the desired weight loss, as well as to improve individual overall health. That’s why the initial consultation is free.
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