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Down 40lbs and 2 Meds!

I was a diabetic on an insulin pump with an A1C of 10 for 17 years, with sleep apnea, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol.  At my endocrinologist's advice, I went to several nutritionists over the years, but nothing happened.  I heard Dr. Chufo on the radio.  I followed her program, which she hand-tailored to me going out socially with my wife.  I took the supplements, which made me not hungry at all.  In fact, she told me to eat more.  I'm down 40 pounds.  My A1C is 5.8.  I'm off my high blood pressure and cholesterol meds.  Most importantly, I feel great and feel healthier.  My adult daughters are very proud of me.  Dr. Chufo has helped me keep weight off now for one year.  My endocrinologist thought I'd put the weight back on, but now he is a believer!

8 Weeks to Success!

“Dr. Bridget Chufo’s Health and Wellness Center is a phenomenal place to go if you want to lose weight. I was feeling very poorly about the way I looked and felt, so I decided to stop in here. I had tried everything…Weight Watchers, Nutrisystem, diet pills, limiting calories, you name it, I tried it. Being 47 and hearing about all the negatives with weight loss at my age, I was discouraged and didn’t think I could ever lose weight. Upon entering the establishment, Dr. Bridget made me feel like anything can be accomplished. She is extremely positive and upbeat about everything!!! She made me feel like a friend.
She sat down with me, asked me what MY goals were and then proceeded to discuss with me the steps necessary to obtain my goals. She talked about the supplements and everything they do, and also the correct way to eat. I was pretty down and skeptical. I had a long way to go, but I was very determined to make this work. She took my before measurements and photos (all of which I was very embarrassed by), however, Dr. Bridget remained positive. She never talked to me as if I did not matter nor like I was an inconvenience or like this was just a job to her.
Long story short, I have lost 21 pounds and a total of 25.5 inches in 8 weeks and feel amazing!!! I feel better than I have in years. My clothes fit better and I now enjoy going shopping for clothes. I may not have the perfect size 2 body, but I am happy with myself and that is the best feeling in the world.
I owe this change to Dr. Bridget, her amazing, motivating, encouraging, and enthusiastic coaching sessions, and the supplements. I have also found a new friend for life.
Thank you for everything Dr. Bridget!!!”

60 Pounds Gone!

"I LOVE Dr. Chufo’s Weight Loss and Wellness Center.  I almost fell off of my chair when I found that she was back in business.  I had lost weight with her Healthy Performance program but had more to lose and just couldn’t do it on my own.  I have now lost all the weight that I wanted to lose and I feel so sexy.  60 pounds off makes a huge difference.  But, why do people always ask if you are sick when they see the weight off?  I am the exact opposite.  I never felt healthier.  Dr. Chufo counseled me herself the whole time and it’s so personal.  She puts you on an eating plan that fits into my lifestyle and she gives you the appropriate supplements that makes losing weight easier.   I can go to fast food restaurants, still lose weight, and am dedicated to staying healthy.  Look at the difference in the pictures.  I used to listen to Dr. Chufo on the radio for over 18 years and loved the information she gave, the motivation, and liked listening to people calling in.  I just wanted Rob Pratte not to keep talking and interrupting her.  She knows what she is talking about and says it so I understand it.  She is a nurse who did nothing but study “obesity and weight loss” at New York University where she got her doctorate researching this area.  She says she does not adjust backs.  That’s what a good chiropractor does.  You don’t go to a plumber to get your hair done, so why would I pick anyone else but someone who spent 35 years in this field?  I also look at people who have a weight problem differently now.  I am a postal carrier and want to throw away the shakes I deliver to people because I tell them that they still have the weight on, so what they’re getting is not working.  Do what I did.  Go to Dr. Bridget Chufo where everything is explained and written down and I now stay with her 6 weeks for Stabilization and another 24 weeks for Maintenance, all for free, to make sure I KEEP the weight off.  YAY!!!"

Keeping It Off!

I have spent my whole life trying to lose weight. I think I own or have owned every diet book ever written. From WW to vitamin B12 shots, I’ve tried them all. Oh, I can lose the weight, but the key for me is “keeping it off”!


When I got to that desperate time once again, that I better so something, I heard Dr. Chufo’s ad on the radio. The thing that impressed me most when I made that initial call, she answered the phone. From that first phone call to where I am now on the plan, she has been a true cheerleader, a woman of great encouragement, a wonderful listening ear, a friend.


That one important phrase she said to me, that I never heard from the other plans I tried, “I will help you keep it off!”. And she is doing just that! I still struggle, but I know her plan I will do for life. It’s a lifestyles change and as I continue on this journey I know she is there to guide and encourage me.

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I really never thought I’d lose ‘cause I was exercising and watching! My doctor even told me I’d always be 180 pounds and now, she is amazed.

I lost a lot of weight with Dr. Chufo’s weight loss program. I am extremely pleased with my results.  Thank you, Dr. Chufo!

The Real Deal!

I was overweight, out of shape, and taking two medications for blood pressure. For a long time, I had seen any number of commercials on TV for weight loss programs, or supplements. The idea that all you had to do was eat the prepackaged foods or take the magical pill, and the weight would fall off, all struck me as little more than a gimmick.

                Then COVID struck. I heard that the people who were getting extremely ill had some things in common. Things like being overweight or having high blood pressure seemed to be at the top of the list.  I knew that I needed to lose weight.   My doctor had been telling me that for years. In fact, I asked him once how many pounds I’d need to lose to stop talking blood pressure meds. Off the top of his head, he said about 40 pounds.

                I started looking around for a way to lose weight and keep it off. The prepackaged foods with the celebrity spokesperson sounded good, as did the miracle fat burning pills. What I did notice was that none of them talked about support, not to mention learning to keep it off once the extra pounds were shed.  I knew that was where I’d need help.

                I had heard Dr. Bridget Chufo’s commercials for her weight loss and wellness center on the radio, and, after some discussion with my wife, decided to make an appointment. What we found was a very enthusiastic person, someone who obviously knew her business, and was every bit the cheerful, upbeat person in the radio commercials. We signed on with Dr. Chufo at the end of July 2020. It wasn’t easy for me to follow her recommendations, but she guided us every step of the way, and made it as simple to follow the plan as possible.

                By Thanksgiving, I had lost almost all of the 40 pounds my doctor had told me to lose, and by December, my doctor had stopped one of my meds. By the beginning of February 2021, my doctor had cut my remaining med to the lowest dose. He told me that I may be able to cut that out completely if I could stay on track.

                All during the process, Dr. Chufo was supportive and encouraging, especially when I needed to be nudged back on track.  I felt so strongly about this that I even wrote to the radio station where she advertises and ended up recording a radio commercial for her. Dr. Bridget Chufo is the real deal. I have recommended her to several friends and will continue to do so.

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I feel unstoppable!

Seven months ago, I was unhappy, unhealthy, and just felt downright ugly. It was a low point in my life, and at 27, it did not feel good. I knew I needed a change. With the financial assistance and unending support of my family, I charged head on into this lifestyle change.


The first couple of weeks were pretty daunting, but with the help of Dr. Bridget Chufo, I started to understand the best way to eat, and broke the bad habits that made me gain the weight I was trying to lose. Through my many appointments with her, I became more aware of what I put in my body and started to love myself again. Now, seven months, 75 pounds... I feel like a new person and love the way I look and feel. I feel unstoppable, happy, healthy, and beautiful.


Thank you, Dr. Chufo. I wouldn't be able to do it without you and your phenomenal program. For anyone who may have doubts, concerns or just don't know if you should... do it! You won't regret it!!

Take the Leap

Dr. Chufo is awesome and truly amazing! You can’t ask for anything better in an educator, coach, and supporter, especially through these challenging times with COVID-19.


I’ve tried so many different programs in the past and the weight always came back. I had enough of the roller coaster diets. Finally, I just gave up once I reached menopause!


What really attracted me to her program is that you will learn what foods trigger your weight gain and how to manage it for the REST OF YOUR LIFE. I’m so ecstatic that I hit my goal weight and lost 30 pounds!


Dr. Chufo is a great joy, such a pleasure and I’m extremely happy that she is part of my life and is now part of my FAMILY.


So what are you waiting for? It doesn’t matter how much you want to lose. Take the leap and give Dr. Chufo a call. I’m so happy I did!

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For the Better

I always struggled with eating and thought what I was eating was healthy until I learned what was actually good for my body. Dr. chufo completely changed how I view food and changed my life for the better! I have never felt so healthy and confident.


Dr. Chufo transformed my body and now I have a great relationship with food and myself!

Long Term Success

Dr. Chufo has helped me to maintain my weight for over three years. I totally believe in her program. Even if you gain some weight back, she will ensure that you will reach your goal weight in a healthy and timely manner. Her plan is the best way to reach and maintain your weight over the long term.

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