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The French know that the trick to keeping weight down is to enjoy all the senses while we prepare and eat food, to sit to eat, to share meals with those we love, and to savor the experience over several hours, if possible. Can you picture yourself seated at a rustic table in the French countryside with nothing to do but enjoy a leisurely meal, engaging conversation, and contagious laughter with friends?


But, back to reality and the work deadlines, the family members who need your time, and the appointments to keep. When you absolutely need to have a "quick" and "nutritious" snack or meal replacement, our convenient, easy to mix Lemonade Protein Drinks in a packet are the key. They taste yummy. The kids have been known to have that Lemon-aide not even being aware of how good the protein is for them. They are great for those breaks in the sports activities or a "pick me up" at dance practice. But, be prepared to share, as the other kids will want one, once they try yours. Even the kids who are 50-90 years old will find them tasty and delicious. Great for traveling or making ahead of time and keeping them cold in the fridge. You just "grab and go" first thing in the morning, and voila, there's your protein breakfast. Okay, take two, they're so good, and throw a couple of ice cubes in, also.


Quality protein nourishes every part of the body, including the brain. This protein increases alertness, focusing, attention span, memory and helps us get better quality sleep at night and not slow down during the mid-afternoon, taking that "cat" nap because we need it. We can now simply take it if we want it. We will wake up feeling refreshed all day because we have given our body the consistent protein it needs throughout the day.

Lemonade Fruit Drink Mix

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